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    Home of the Tigers

    Upcoming Events

    12/4/18   Fall Picture Retakes at 8:00am ONLY

                     School Site Council Meeting at 2:30pm

    12/5/18   PTK Meeting at 2:30pm

    12/6/18   Blue Slip Store Open for TK, Kinder, and 1st Grade

                     Pacific Fundraiser Delivery from 1:00-2:30pm ONLY

    12/7/18   Big Smiles Dental Program - All Day

                     Blue Slip Store Open for 2nd-5th Grades

    12/17/18-12/21/18  Garfield Scholastic Book Fair

    12/24/18-1/4/19    Winter Break - Happy Holidays

    Family Resource Center

    If you are in need of services, please contact the Family Resource Center at (562) 981-8990.

    Si se encuentra necesitado de servicios, por favor comuniquese con el Centro de Recursos Familiares al (562) 981-8990.

    If you wish to submit a referral form online, please click on the link below.

    Si decea someter una forma de referencia en linea, por favor aga clic al enlace de abajo.

    School Site Council

    Garfield Elementary would like to welcome our returning School Site Council members:

    Mrs. Peters, Principal

    Mrs. Miles, 1st grade

    Ms. Flanders, 2nd grade

    Ms. Kelly, 5th grade

    Mr. Jimenez, Plant Supervisor

    Silvia Orozco, Parent

    Araceli Gonzalez, Parent

    Clemencia Crespo, Parent

    Thank you for your continued support!


    Please review the following:

    10-03-18 SSC Agenda (PDF)

    05-08-18 SSC Meeting Minutes (PDF)

    Cafeteria Expectations!

    At Garfield most students have the opportunity to be serve two meals... breakfast and lunch.  If students arrive at school with plenty of time before the bell rings, they will be served breakfast. Each family must fill out a lunch application online or make arrangements with the cafeteria supervisor to add money on to their students account. (More information about this can be found on the District Site's Nutrition Services web page). All students enrolled at Garfield will be provided a lunch with supervision by school staff.

    District employees are the only adults that are allowed inside the cafeteria.  Teachers and recreation aides assist our young students in the procedures of getting and completing their meals. During the first week of school, we make an exception for our kindergarten parents and allow them to help for the first few days. After that, we want our students to begin to build their independence and  responsibility  for feeding themselves, with assistance from staff when needed.

    Parents, please make sure you wait outside the cafeteria, away from the doors, while your child(ren) are eating. At Garfield, we have the huge job of  serving over 750 students in our cafeteria daily. The procedures that are in place help us to get the students inside, allow them time to eat at a comfortable pace and try to keep the amount of time the students are waiting outside to a minimal.  Your help in following these procedures is appreciated. 

    If you have any questions about these procedures, please see the principal. 

    Garfield Calendar
    Box Tops Collections Sheets

    Print one, or print all, to support Garfield Elementary PTK. Once completed, drop it off in the office. Thank you all for your continued support.

    They are located below in the Resources section. 

    Summer Collection (PDF)

    Shore Thing (PDF)

    Be an A plus Clipper (PDF)

    Box Tops 4 Ever (PDF)

    Chemistry (PDF)

    Collect 50 (PDF)

    Flip Flops (PDF)

    Fly a Kite (PDF)

    Ice Cream (PDF)

    In Bloom (PDF)

    Picnic (PDF)

    School Spirit (PDF)

    Sham Rock (PDF)