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Student Council

The Garfield Student Council is made up of two students from each of the 4th and 5th grade classrooms.  Each of these students is elected by their classmates and approved by their teacher to be part of this council.  The role of the council is to provide the opportunity for the student voice to be heard in regards to school programs and expectations. 

Student Council Members learn about governance, political offices and assist in developing service learning opportunities for the student population and community to get involved in.  They meet monthly with the Principal to discuss issues and projects.

The morning parking valet system is one of the programs that Student Council Members help to support by assisting parents in dropping off students at school.  A specific area of the school campus, on Hill Street, has been designed as the "safe" drop of place in the morning with Student Council Members opening car doors safely and quickly so students can exit from their cars onto the safe area on the playground.